Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY chevron Necklace Organizer

A couple of weeks ago we traded rooms with Rachel. This resulted in us gaining a bigger closet and a better layout in our bedroom. It also meant that I lost the tree branches I had painted on the old bedroom walls in order to hang my necklaces from:

What this meant is that it was up to me to find something new to do with my necklaces, because I have a lot. (Probably twice as many now as I did in that picture)

So I looked around on Pinterest, but I couldn't something I was in love with. I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and looking around for a big wooden plaque.

I did manage to find on that I liked, so I took it home to work on, praying it was going to be big enough.

I started out by painting the edges black and middle of the plaque white. Then I started the time consuming process of using my chevron stencil and tracing chevron designs onto the wood.

I used teal paint to make the alternating chevron lines.

Next Justin screwed about a million mug hooks into the wood in an alternating pattern so the necklaces wouldn't tangle.

I love how it looks on the wall. I just need to slow down on my necklace buying... or maybe I don't.  We will see how it goes. ;)

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