Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Personalized Address Plaque

I have been dying to put together a cute new address plaque for a long time. After I ran into this idea on Pinterest I knew it would be perfect!

Inspiration picture:

Pick up a letter at Hobby Lobby or craft store; paint it your color; add house numbers!
Of course, we all know that I require much more color in my life, so I got to work on this project using my own twist.
I picked up a huge wooden letter at Hobby Lobby. This one was about $12, but the fact that it has hangers on the back makes it totally worth it... Don't forget your 40% coupon for this one!

I also picked up my address numbers to mount to the letter. I used latex paint that was left over from some other projects to paint my "R" red and my address numbers aqua.

Once everything was painted and dry I used some E6000 glue to mount the numbers to the letter. That glue is super heavy duty and it made to be outdoors, so it is my go to. (Warning, glue in a well ventilated area... that stuff is STRONG!)
I allowed the glue to dry overnight and then I sprayed it down with some clear spray paint for a protective coat.

I love how this project turned out! So easy, so fun and I just can't wait to get it hung up.

What kind of house numbers are hanging at your place?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Distressed monogram window

I have been dying to share this tutorial, so I'm glad I finally get the chance! I bought this old window from a classified page on Facebook.

Here's how I put it together.

First I cleaned off the wood, sanded it down and rubbed a candle on the parts of the window where I didn't want the paint to stick.
Important: Do not use a red candle! I had red marks all over the place. *sigh*
Next, I painted the window with white chalk paint. I should have taped off the glass, but I was feeling particularly lazy. Seriously, learn from me and tape off the glass.

Here is the window all painted up!
I just did one coat because the window soaked up pretty good. After it dried I used my sanding sponge and sanded all of the wood. This left a lot of distressed places on the wood. Love it.

After that, I ordered a vinyl monogram from this Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PreppyCo.

After I added the monogram, I hot glued fabric flowers to the corner.

I love how it looks above my aqua dresser in my dining room. So cute!

I've noticed so many more people sporting monograms these days. Are you getting into the Monogram craze too?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fish's new big girl room!

Okay, it is definitely time for me to get around to showing off the rest of Fish's room! Above is her "F" that she painted and decorated using a wood letter from Hobby Lobby. It turned out so cute and she had so much fun working on her own craft project!

Here is her new coat rack! I got a plain coat rack from Hobby Lobby for about $6 and I painted it black and pink. I love how it turned out!

Here is her dresser/vanity in all it's glory.

And the rest of the room put together with bedding, curtains and a rug from Wal-mart,
This turned in to such a cute big girl room. I am a little jealous! I wish I had an aqua/pink room for myself! ;)

If you were back in your childhood, with your taste now, what color would you want it to be?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pink chalk paint dresser upgrade

A couple of months ago I picked up this vanity via Facebook and I couldn't wait to turn it into something adorable for Fish's room.  Someone suggested that I do a tutorial on painting furniture on my blog, so hopefully this will help! I'm not a professional, but this is how I have had the best luck with my furniture pieces in the past!
First, start by sanding the wood so the paint will adhere. I used a sanding sponge that I picked up at Wal-Mart for a few dollars. I love these things, in fact, this is probably by third sponge this year. This is also a good time to use wood filler to seal any holes. The old handles weren't the same size as the new handles I bought, so I had to fill holes and have the hubby drill new ones. Make sure to follow directions on the wood filler container!

When you are done sanding, wipe down the wood with a damp washcloth to get all of dust. Paint will stick best to a clean surface.

I used the time that the piece was drying off to mix up my paint. I used this recipe to throw together some homemade chalk paint. I used leftover pink paint from Rae's old bedroom. Get the recipe here: I use the Plaster of Paris Recipe

Tip: If you don't have paint tray liners, use some foil to line your tray. This helps makes cleanup a breeze!

Anyway, I painted all of the dresser drawers first.
Before I tackled the rest... Another tip: Use random pieces of wood to keep furniture off the ground while you are painting! This piece needed three coats before it was completely covered.
Once it is done, let it sit for 24-48 hours. The longer you go without using it, the better the paint will cure. The last thing you want to do is move it into it's new space, and find out your alarm clock stuck to the paint and peeled a bunch off. Believe me, you won't be happy. ;)
Here is the dresser in it's new home! She is in love and honestly, so am I! I hope this was helpful to someone! Good luck and let me know how your projects turn out!

More one update on Fish's big girl room will be on it's way this week! Stay tuned!