Saturday, October 13, 2012

Master Bedroom Redo!

It's been another busy weekend in this house! This time we attacked our bedroom. It doesn't even feel like the same room.

Here is the before we moved in photo:

Don't act like you aren't jealous of those sexy lace curtains. Too late, I've already donated them to the thrift store... sorry guys.
Anyway, here are the after photos!

Welcome to our room! We bedding is from for $99.00! (I am totally in love and can't wait to sleep in it tonight!)

The X's and O's are 9.5 inch letters from Hobby Lobby that I painted black and the hubby hung up with double sided poster strips.

The paint color is Samovar Silver from Sherwin Williams. As far as I'm concerned it's the PERFECT silver/blue color.

Also, have I ever mentioned that my husband BUILT me this bed? Yep, ONE DAY while he was home on leave when I was at work. Amazing.

Here is the dresser we repainted black last weekend.

The branches on the wall are painted on. I cut the branches out with my Cricut. (Home Decor Cartridge) Then, I used my projector to project them on the wall. After they were in place I traced them with chalk and spent practically half of my life painting them by hand.

Ok, just kidding. It was only a couple of hours. And totally worth it.

We made the "God gave me you" sticker with my Cricut and some vinyl.

All in all, I'm very happy with our progress! The living room is next! :)

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