Sunday, July 4, 2010

Customized T-Shirt

Let me just take a moment to say that I love! I've seen ad's for them in magazines before, but I just recently ordered from them. I was VERY pleased.

Their website enables you to design your own shirt using their graphics or by uploading your own design. They have a few military options, and since I hadn't made anything that I loved, I played with what they had.

Plus, if you search online you can find coupon codes and get a great price! Just google coupon codes customized girl and you will get a good amount of sites that offer codes. Check out places like and, those are definetely my favorites.

I got a super cute shirt for cheap! And I loved my wearing "Property of a U.S. Soldier" shirt out on the town.  In fact, instead of being hit on by skeezy guys, I got a lot of  "thank you's" for both me and him. That always feels amazing. :)

They offer so many options, t-shirts, hoodies, panties, kid stuff, and so much more. Go check them out!