Monday, January 20, 2014

"EAT" Letters

If you have searched for kitchen decor on Pinterest, you have likely ran into a lot of pictures with the word "EAT" hanging on the wall. I had those letters sitting in my craft cabinet for quite a few months, but I never got around to hanging them up.

Last week I took them out and dusted them off, but I decided that having them painted flat black was just not going to do the trick, so I covered them in chevron scrapbook paper!

All I did was trace the letters onto the scrapbook paper, mod podge the paper in place and then seal the top with another layer of mod podge.

When Justin got home, I batted my eyelashes and had him hang the letters up for me. I love how they turned out! My kitchen sure is coming together! Hopefully I will have more updates soon! 

What projects are you currently working on?

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Crystal from My Ramblings said...

love it! i love the way you're kitchen is coming along.