Friday, January 31, 2014

Be-You-Tiful Sign

Recently, we traded rooms with Rae so that we could have a bigger closet. This means there is a lot of redecorating to do in both rooms and much settling in left to do.

Rachel saw a sign that said "Be-YOU-tiful" at a craft show over the summer and she told me she wanted it. I decided to go ahead and make her one for her new room.

I bought a large wooden plaque at Hobby Lobby and painted it with some aqua chalk paint.

 After that, I gathered up some wooden letters I had laying around and painted them black. The bigger letters are for the word "YOU" and the rest of the word is in little letters, so the you is emphasized. I also used a couple of wooden stars that I painted black to break up the words. I attached all of the letters using hot glue. I love the way it turned out! And so does she! :)

Now if I could just get her to clean the rest of her room, it would all be great! ;)

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