Sunday, October 13, 2013

Home Management Binder with FREE Printables!

Happy Sunday!

As you know, I am getting ready to start school later this month! This
means, for the next FEW YEARS (OMG) I am going to be busier than I
have been. You know, with: 2 kids, a husband, a house, a full time
job, an Avon business, and a blog… why not throw school into the
equation?  It will all in worth it in the end of course.

However, this did make me fully aware that I need to get some things
organized around here. You know, nothing big, just my entire life.

I’ve seen a lot of Home Management Binders floating around on
Pinterest and I knew that was just what I needed. When looking through
my thousands of pins, I found great ideas, but unfortunately I
couldn’t find everything I needed. So I made my own printable sheets.

And since I am such a loving caring person I thought I would go ahead
and share them with you! I have listed them out here and grouped
together the way I have them organized in my binder. Feel free to
print these off and use them as needed. Just don’t sell them!

I got the Chevron backgrounds from the lovely ladies over at:
Check that blog out when you get a chance. It’s nothing short of
fantastic. I promise.
Here is the post I found them on:

Just save these printable pages as photos and print them off as 8x10 photos.

Book Cover:

Under my "agenda" tab, I added monthly calendars.These are blank calendar templates so that you can use them for any month.

Next in my binder are my "Cleaning" tabs
Here is my weekly cleaning schedule and monthly cleaning schedule. I left room at the bottom of each so that I can add to them as needed.

I'm pretty much in love with my weekly menu sheet under my "Menu" tab. There is room to write the dinner menu for each day of the week... and to write down the grocery list.

My "Budget" tab is where I have my Monthly budget sheet and my account register for our "bill pay" checking account. It's also where I put my Login Info sheet. I wrote down all of the usernames/ passwords for the Utility companies, and I am no longer the only one with access.

The "Medical tab" is the place for all of our medical information. I think I'll also make copies of the Insurance cards to keep in here.

Under the To do folder I added a master To Do List and a Christmas Shopping list.

Last but not least I have a "Contacts" tab. I pulled out my address book that I bought 4 years ago and copied all of the contact information for the people I am still in touch with. So, after I copied down those 5 whole entries... I shredded the rest of the book pages. :)

I feel so much better knowing that everything I need is in one place!



KT said...

These are GREAT! I might have to print out the cleaning schedule ones.

Michelle R. said...

So glad you like them!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love it! Will come in handy!