Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chevron Burlap Bow

Last week, when I was home with a sick little girl I decided it was a good chance to tackle my  completely unorganized craft cabinets. 

When I had craft night last weekend, I could not find ANYTHING. I felt a lot like Monica from Friends during the episode where she had the super messy closet. All of the rest of the house was clean and organized, but my craft cabinet was embarrassing and likely to cause a small avalanche.

So while I was sorting things out, I started to make a list of projects I need to finish up. 

One of the items on my list were to make a chevron burlap bow! I had a piece of burlap (about 9 inches long) that was left over from my summer wreath project, and I thought it would be a super cute barrette! All I did was lay the ribbon flat, face down and then fold both of the sides in so that they would meet in the middle. 

I hot glued the ends together and pinched the ribbon in the middle to make a bow. I used a piece of twine around the middle of the bow to keep it in place, trimming the end of the twine after it was tied.  Next, I just hot glued it to a barrette.. and ta-da! Super cute burlap bow! 

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