Monday, September 9, 2013

Inexpensive Tank Top Organization

Here lately, I have noticed that I am not very good at sharing! I have slowly started to take over a majority of the closet, and I am crowding my husbands clothes into the corner. So, I have decided that I better start getting things under control.

I found this idea on Pinterest last week, and thought it was pretty dang smart. Pinned from here. This is an Ikea towel bar that was installed inside a closet, and tank tops were hung from each bar.

Unfortunately, I don't have room in my closet to install this, but it did spark a pretty good idea!

I picked up a slack hanger from Dollar General last weekend ($4). All of the bars swing out from the hanger, so you can slide your tank tops into place.

Here it is from the back so you can view my ridiculous tank top obsession. Also, I have three more that aren't pictured here.....

After I gathered all of my tank tops and hung them up, I was almost embarrassed to show my husband. Yikes. This saved me so many hangers. I still have some work to do, but this was a step on the right direction!

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