Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book review: Diary of a Dead Guy: A Country Ghost Story

Ok ya'll I finally finished reading book 1 out of the  50 that I have committed to read before I turn 30! I had trouble finding good reading time last month. That won't happen again. ;)

Anyway, I read Diary of a Dead Guy: A Country Ghost Story by Ty Hager. Here is the review I left on

"This was a crazy, twisted story of a dead country signer taking up residence in the body of a 12 year old boy so that he would get his story out there. It was a little twisted, but very funny and had a great plot twist at the end. I'd recommend this to anyone that is looking for a mystery with a side of raunchy humor."

This was a great story. It was well written, it was funny, and while it was outside of my normal chick-lit comfort zone, I enjoyed reading it. 

Warning: I would not recommend letting your mother, grandmother, small children or pastor accidentally read over shoulder.... There is definetely some strong language and raunchy humor. But, if you are looking for a good read, a lot of laughs and some mystery I suggest you head over to to download your copy. ASAP. 

Also, you may or (most likely) may not have noticed that I have added a second page to the blog! Along the left hard side of the main page, under the banner, you should see a link for 50 books before 30. I will be adding each of the books As I read them, as well as a simple from 1-5 rating. This will give me a great place to keep track, enable myself to be held accountable, AND serve as a one stop resource for all my favorite and not so favorite books! 

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