Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fun custom mailbox- for the office

Recently, I moved into a new position at work where I am managing a team of 17 people. I've worked in this position before, so I knew that I was going to need an inbox at my desk so I could keep up with everyone.

I picked up a plain black wall mounted mailbox at Lowe's.
I had some leftover aqua spray paint laying around, so my darling husband spray painted it for me.

After we painted the mailbox I used my Cricut to cut out an "M" with the Calligraphy Cricut Cartridge.   I used some hot pink vinyl that I had laying around for the "M". Since I am using this to hang on the inside of my cubicle, I wasn't too concerned about using heavy duty vinyl, but if you are using it outside I would suggest using some outdoor grade vinyl. I love the idea of having a fun custom mailbox hanging next to my front door. I may need to make one for home!

Anyway, I hung it up on the outside of my cubicle and now my team has a place to leave me notes throughout the day.  And I have a fun cubicle decoration. :)

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