Monday, September 23, 2013

Styled by Tori necklace pieces

A couple of weeks ago I had to go out of town for my Aunts funeral. While I was in the big city I stopped into Joann to check out the Styled by Tori line. I am completely obsessed with cute jewelry, and here lately I have had a real thing statement necklaces. Especially the teardrop bead ones.

After numerous searches online, I had very little luck finding the materials I needed to make my own. Until I stumbled across a post about Styled by Tori.

I have always been a huge Tori Spelling fan. I loved 90210 long before I should have known what 90210 was. And when I found out that Tori is a crafty chick, I loved her a little more.

I wish I could have gotten some more pieces when I was out shopping, but I got enough to do two necklaces. I know next time I go out of town I'll be stopping in at Joann again to check out some more items. Here's what I got!

And here I am modeling my new creations!

Sometimes Justin likes to "help".


And the second one! 

I am a true Styled by Tori fan now! Can't wait to get back to buy some more pieces! 

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KT said...

Anytime you want me to pick you up stuff at Joann's, let me know! :)