Sunday, September 1, 2013

Minecraft Birthday Party Treat Bags

Last weekend we hosted a Minecraft Birthday Party for my daughters 11th Birthday. Today I thought I would share my DIY treat bags.

I started with some lime green paper bags from Wal-Mart. They were each only about 30 cents. So, this was a great buy.

I used some black cardstock to cut out some 2 inch squares to use to make the creepers face. I just used gluesticks to put the blocks in place.

Here are the army of Creepers that were waiting on Rae when she got home from school that day. She immediately yelled "Quick! Get me a diamond sword!" ;)

I filled the treat bags with TNT (twizzlers), gold (Hershey bars), and diamonds (cookie and cream kisses). I made food signs for all of these, as well as the party food. I'll be sure to share the signs next week.

I also threw in some bracelets, a ring pop, glow bracelets, and a small cube puzzle from Dollar Tree.

The girls seemed to enjoy their bags. and they weren't hard to throw together at all. :)

More Minecraft party updates to come!

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