Saturday, December 4, 2010

Redo of my tears of joy packets

Every time I looked at the pictures of the tears of joy packets I felt like something was missing and they were just entirely too plain. Since I still have quite a while until the ceremony I don't see any reason to not be 100% happy with all of my little details, so this was as good of a reason as any to do a redo!

I grabbed some more of the damask scrapbook paper that I love so much from Hobby Lobby and sat down with my paper cutter and go to work one night last weekend. I am absolutely stoked about the results. 

I made this a little bit bigger by cutting the scrapbook paper into fourths and then folding them from there. (instructions here) When I was done I glued on the "for your tears of joy" labels to the front. For the labels I just printed them off on my printer in two columns, cut them with my paper cutter and glued them on. 


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