Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cheap and Easy Centerpieces and flower girl basket redo!

Ok, as you know I ended up throwing the jar centerpieces in the dumpster and started from scratch. I had seen this picture when googling centerpieces at least a thousand times but didn't put too much thought into it.

Well, on the night of the great centerpiece hunt I ran across it at least a million more times and decided I could definitely revisit the idea, but I had to keep it cheap. 
I hit Dollar General and bought ten thick walled glass wine goblets and ten ivory colored votive candles. I had bought a boa at Hobby Lobby to redo my flower girl baskets, so I cut the remaining amount in half and wrapped it around the base. 

I'm digging the results! I *might* get some sand to put in the glass to hold up the candle, but I'll have to try it out and see. 

Oh yeah, I DID redo the flower girl baskets. I took off the ribbons and added some boa pieces that I hot glued to the rims. They are very cute! But it got messy for sure! (hot glue + feathers + clumsy me= my kitchen looking like I killed a hot pink chicken for dinner)

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