Saturday, December 4, 2010

NWR: Not wedding related crafts! :) Christmas Garland and stockings

We've never had personalized Christmas stockings and I decided that I want that to change this year. I wasn't able to make them extremely fancy, because I'd rather spend my Christmas budget on things like PRESENTS! So, I had to find a cheapo way to make our stockings. I think I accomplished it!

I bought four felt stockings at good 'ole Wal-Mart and printed off our initals. I used a font called Black Rose that I downloaded from I ended up altering the letters a little after I printed them because they were very loopy and complicated, which I wasn't in the mood for while cutting out felt.

I cut out the letters and then laid them down on top of some black felt that I already had laying around and cut around the letters since tracing didn't seem like it would be possible on black felt. 

When I was done I glued them to the stockings with some Elmer's Glue and TA DA! Four stockings for $4! 

When I was done with that I decided I was in love with felt and wanted.. needed... to do some more. So, I decided to make some garland to hang above our tv on the shelf (since I don't have a mantle, booooo).

I used  red, white and green felt and some red curling ribbon I had laying around.

First I used a drinking glass to trace circles onto the red and green felt, and then freehanded the top of the ornaments and cut them out also. Next, I glued the ornament tops to the circles and hot glued them onto pieces of curling ribbon. I alternated lengths, no real measurements... sorry!

When I was all done I glued the hanging ornaments to a long piece of ribbon and tacked them to my shelf. 

This was a super easy craft that took about 30 minutes and added a little extra something to living room for free!

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