Saturday, December 4, 2010

My dress!

If you are my GI.... stop reading right now!

I decided it would be ok to show off the dress because A) He doesn't have the link to this blog and B) I won't show myself in it, just the dress itself. 

Anyway, I had no intention to buy my dress until after Christmas, but I ended up with an Amazon gift card from mypoints, some cash in my paypal account from surveys and I realized I had almost enough to get it! So, I added $50 in CHANGE that I rolled and I went for it!!

I bought this dress at and I'm in love. It makes me feel like a bride without a big crazy price tag. I can't wait to wear it! I'm going to do some more searching when it gets a little closer to the date for my Maid of Honor dress and my flower girl dresses. 

Just look for special occassion dresses and select white dresses under the women's clothing category on They have a ton of great options that are probably meant to be prom dresses but make excellent wedding dresses for CHEAP! :) 

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