Saturday, November 2, 2013

Easy DIY Zombie and Flo Halloween Costumes

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! 

I dressed up as Flo from Progessive. I recycled my costume from a couple of years ago. 
I wore a blue headband, white shirt, khakis, and a white apron. I printed out and cut out the word "Progessive" from a google image search. Then, I just taped it onto my apron. The buttons say "I heart Insurance" and "Flo". 
My mom had printed the words for I Heart Insurance, laminated it with tape, and then taped it to a circular piece of cardboard. She added a pin to the back.

For the name tag I just wrote "Flo" on a piece of paper and colored the blue and yellow stripes above the name. I laminated it with tape and taped it to a pin as well. (Can you say super cheap costume?)

And I got compliments all day long. :)

Rae was a zombie. 

We cut up a white tshirt from Dollar Tree and the Justin took it outside to decorate it with mud. We also ripped up a pair of jeans that already had holes in them. We topped it off by teasing her hair, drawing black circles around her eyes and drawing blood on her face. 

Totally gross, but it turned out good! She was super happy. 

Felicia refused to be a minion..... Even though I begged her. So she begged for a store bought costume and I caved. She was a pretty cute witch though! :)

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