Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mr and Mrs Color Run Shirts

Saturday is our big day to do the Color Me Rad Color Run! I am soooo excited, but also fully aware that I will not be able to run for the entire 5k. I am an awfully slow runner... but I'm still pretty pumped!

When we signed up for the 5k, we had to come up with a team name. I had no idea that I would need a team name, so I had to think quick on my feet. We came up with "Are We There Yet?" because I feel like I will say that at least 92 times during the course of the race. 

The website suggests that you wear all white, so I thought this was a good opportunity to make some fun shirts! I printed off the words "Are We There Yet?"  for the back of our shirts. 
I then printed off a mustache for the front of his shirt... and a pair of lips for mine. (Mr and Mrs... get it?!)

Then, I went to Wal-Mart and picked up these totally awesome 80's inspired Sharpies. Why 80's inspired? Because that's what they had... no other particular reason. :)

Then, I stuck the printed paper inside the shirt and used the Sharpies to trace on the outside of the shirts. Make sure to stick a piece of cardboard in the shirt to keep it from bleeding through! If you are in the mood to spend $2.00... Hobby Lobby has t-shirt shaped pieces of cardboard you can use.

 FYI: The adult size cardboard is too big for a small adult shirt. 

Anyway, I think our shirts turned out AWESOME. I can't wait to wear them and get them covered in colored cornstarch! 


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KT said...

LOVE THEM! You'll do great -- can't wait to hear all about it.