Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mantle Decor for the wedding

Our venue has a very pretty stone fireplace that we will be exchanging our vows in front of, so I thought I would figure out a way to decorate it a bit. 

I picked up the frames at Dollar Tree for $1 each (duh), the light lanterns are from Family Dollar (i think $1-$2 each) and the vases are salt and pepper shakers. I just covered them in some damask paper. I used flowers I had left over from my first failed centerpiece idea. 

I decided today while going through everything that I'm going to try to get things a little more organized. The wedding is taking over my closet! So, I found a few boot shoeboxes and have started those organizing efforts. 

Everything for the mantle is wrapped up nicely in newspaper and I stuck a label on the box. I'll be printing off a copy of the mantle decor picture to stick on the front, so if someone else sets it up for me, they will know how I want it to be done. 

My candy buffet box is getting there too! 

So far I have pink candy canes, caramel Hershey's kisses (pink wrappers!) and cherry jelly hearts. I plan to get at least 3 more kinds of candy. I need to get all my jars together and see what else I need there. I feel so accomplished this weekend!


Megan said...

I really like the candy bar idea!! I know they are a little dark, but could you do swedish fish? They are red and would match with the pink =] Also maybe the pink rock candy on the sticks?

The mantle decor looks really nice too!

Shell said...

hmmm I haven't thought about Swedish fish, but the rock candy sticks are on my list of possibilities. I know I want pink gumballs!

Megan said...

Pink gumballs would look so cute!! That seriously is such a cute idea =]