Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marrying a soldier that's stationed overseas

Ok, when GI and I first started talking about getting married, I did what every girl does.. I started Googling. But, instead of dresses, cakes and flowers and I was trying to figure out how hard it was going to be to marry him while he is stationed in another country. 

What I found stressed me out. The only thing I could find is that it is complicated. I read that there is a ton of paperwork involved, I read that he would have to go speak to the Chaplain, and we would have to do counseling prior to getting married. I read that it can take months and months of preparation to get it done. When I relayed my research to G.I. he suggested that maybe we should wait until after he is stationed in the states. 

Well, that was kind of a let down, but I didn't want to make marrying me hell for him (you're supposed to save that for after, right? KIDDING!)

Anyway, he asked his buddies that are there with him and then checked with his superiors. Yeah, we and Google were way off. 

Nothing out of the ordinary had to be done. We went to a justice of the peace, signed the license, said our vows and TADA it was done!

There is a lot of paperwork involved, but as spouses, we have nothing to do with that. This is paperwork that he has to complete to enroll you in DEERS and to start your Tri-care, and there are people to help him with the mountain of papers.  

What my GI needed from me:
*Birth Certificate
*S.S. card
*Marriage License
*Current insurance information

If he can not enroll you in DEERS while he is in the states, make sure to get CERTIFIED copies of all of your identification to send with him. They must have the original or certified copies and you do not want to be stuck without your only copies while he has them, you'll need them to change your name! 

I honestly hoped this saves someone some stress. I know if I had been able to find it then things would have been less confusing!

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