Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mad Libs!

Do you remember doing mad libs as a kid? I remember sitting in my seventh grade English class doing this.... the answers were always hillarious (to a 7th grader of course!) and I always looked forward to them. This is one of the cute ideas that I found online and just knew that I HAD to do.

I found the idea here and I just tweaked it a little. I designed it again in Microsoft PowerPoint and I printed these on printable postcards (I had a box just sitting in the closet, SCORE!)

Feel free to steal my wording. I kind of hate that our names are on it, so you can't just print and use it.... but I hope it helps!

I'll have these sitting out on the tables after the ceremony for guests to fill out while we are taking pictures to help pass the time. I made a few more flower pens to scatter on the tables so they can fill them out with somethin pretty. ;)

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