Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dum-Dum Topiaries!

Well, I finished a few more things over the past couple of weeks! My first project was my Dum-Dum topiaries! They are for the candy buffet as table decorations. 

Here's what I used:
Pink and Blue card stock
a flower punch
styrofoam balls
styrofoam half balls
two flower pots
wooden dowels
a hole punch

On this I just punched out a punch of flowers with the paper, glued the pink on top of the blue so both colors were showing and then punched a hole through each center. I stuck the suckers through the holes and straight into the styrofoam balls covering the balls completely. When I was done I stuck a dowel into the bottom and used the styrofoam half balls as a base to stabilize the dowel. I put them in these cute flower pots I painted and ta-da! It was a pretty cheap project except for the flower punch... It was $15 at Hobby Lobby, definitely something to pick up when you have a 40% off coupon! 

I'm going to put chocolate candy rocks on top of the base when I put them out on the table at the wedding. :)

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