Friday, November 28, 2014

Felt Gingerbread Cookies for Dramatic Play

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! I hope everyone is relaxing and getting some family time in! I was sick yesterday, so I definitely got a lot of rest. Now tonight I am attempting to get to work on some projects for my December dramatic play center. I made these felt cookies last weekend, but I thought I'd show them off before I get to work.

I started out by using a cookie cutter to trace onto some cardstock and some brown felt. After cutting them out, I glued the cardstock and felt together using fabric glue.

After I stuck them together I stuck a magnetic strip to the back of each "cookie".
The cookies stick to a cookie sheet with the magnets. I bought a spatula so they can scrape the cookies off the sheet before they are served.
Once they were made I used some puffy paint to make faces and buttons. I just need to pick up a oven mitt and this project will be ready to go! Stay tuned for more projects that I'll be churning out this weekend!

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