Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pinterest party Recap!

Ok, I am finally posting about my Pinterest Birthday Party!

I started by creating a Facebook event to invite a few of my crafty gals over to the house. I even made a Ryan Gosling meme for the event picture.

Borrow him if you wish! ;)

Here is the delicious punch I made for the party! 

And I made these ranch mushrooms... But I didn't take a picture?

And don't forget the cookies Fish made!

The other party people brought some yummy dishes!

Oreo cheesecake trifle  
(My birthday cake!)

Here is the craft we did! Wood last name blocks! Everyone brought their own scrapbook paper and I supplied the wood blocks, glue and vinyl letters. We did four inch and six inch blocks. 

Here's my finished product! 

I had so much fun! Best birthday party ever! :) Can't wait to do another one!

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