Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fun, fuzzy OSU Feather Wreath!

I have always always always wanted an OSU feather wreath, so after putting together the OU wreath, I just knew I had to make one of these for the upcoming craft show. 
Seriously, this thing was so easy to put together. If this doesn't sell at the craft show, it will be hanging on my front door during football season, if it does sell, I'll be making another one!
What you need:
Wreath form
Marabou boas (I used two, but it was a stretch, I suggest getting three) If you wait, Hobby Lobby has these on sale from time to time.
Hot glue gun
Ribbon for hanging
Wood letters (I got these fun curly letters at Hobby Lobby and then painted them black.)
Fishing wire
Start by wrapping the wreath form with the boas. Be sure to use hot glue at the beginning of each boa to hold them in place and just randomly add hot glue on the wreath form as you go. Finish wrapping until the wreath is completely covered. Wrap the black hanger around the top of the wreath and hot glue into place. 
I using fishing wire to tie the letters onto the wreath form and then secured them in place with hot glue. 
Love love love it!
And this could be done in so many different ways, so many different team colors. Have you ever tried the feather wreath trend?

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