Monday, April 29, 2013

Eureka Springs Vacation Recap Part 1

About a week ago the hubby and I went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a quick weekend trip. It was so nice to just get away from everything, and we both needed a little bit of time off. 

I've been to Eureka Springs before, but this was the hubby's first trip.

We started off the day by visiting the big Jesus statue, which is in the same location where they show the Passion Play

The season had not yet begun for the play, but I was still very excited to go check out the statue. I've only ever seen it from a distance, and it was amazing up close.

Next we drove over to Pivot Rock and the natural bridge. 
Both of these beautiful creations are featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not. It was quite a walk to get out to check out the rock and the bridge, but it was also so peaceful and worth the walk. 

After that, we headed downtown to eat some lunch and window shop. 

We had sandwiches from Geraldi's Restaurant. I had a Chicago Beef hot sandwich and my husband had the Torpedo hot sandwich. We both just got the regular sized sandwiches and we were FULL, but they were oh so good. The restaurant itself was fantastic too. It was beautifully decorated with tin ceiling tiles and brick paneling. There was limited seating, but since we didn't eat lunch until like 3 in the afternoon it wasn't busy at all. The waiter was fantastic, he checked on us often, kept our drinks full and was just a really friendly guy. I would definitely go back again. 

After lunch we waddled around downtown for a little while. Here is one of the random springs downtown.

It was definitely crowded, so we so took that as a chance to go visit the Blue Spring

 The blue spring was really pretty, but since it had rained recently the water was more green than blue. That's ok though, it was still a very pretty place. And a nice long walk.

Whew! This recap is taking longer than I planned. I'll be back tomorrow night with more!

To be continued....... 

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