Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back from leave.. sigh.

Well, today I took my GI back to the airport and sent him back to base. It hurt. I felt empty. I cried most of the day. Poor guy...

I woke up this morning and sat outside and prayed for strength. I prayed to be strong, to laugh, to smile and to not cry while he was still in my arms because I didn't have much time left. The day passed by too quickly and every time I looked into his eyes my heart ached. I hate saying goodbye to my best friend. I hate knowing that I have to do this again for another 8 months without him by my side. I woke up this morning and hit the snooze button over and over again. Grasping onto every second that I had him lying by my side. The worst part of this life is the goodbyes... even though I know they don't last forever, they still break my heart.

After I left him at the airport, I can honestly say I felt like half of a person. I feel like half of my heart is gone and I'm running around like a crazy person trying to find everything I can to keep myself busy so I don't break down. I know it's ok to break down, but I don't want to. I'll have plenty of time for that tonight when I try to convince myself to sleep.

But, it's ok. I'm a strong chick, I've got school to finish, a wedding to finish planning, debt to pay off, pictures to take and memories to make.

Ok, now for the big news... I got hitched while he was home!!!!

So, yes we are still doing the ceremony in August, but we did get legally married while he was here to order to make things a little easier. It was just a quick little ceremony with each of our best friends (quick as in like 5 minutes). I'm so happy to be his wife and I guess some of the pressure will be off me about the ceremony now.

Ok, I'm going to try to check in more often due to my newfound spare time. New projects will be up soon!

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