Friday, January 21, 2011

Got the shoes! (and the hair)

I picked up my beautiful wedding shoes last week. Hot pink cowgirl boots.

My wedding day outfit is complete! I can't wait to throw it all together and check it out!

My original plan was to find some hot pink heels. But, I don't totally trust myself walking (and dancing) in a pair of heels. I'm kind of known for my clumsiness.

Our venue is out in nature, we have camo covered banquet chairs, some deer antlers hanging on the wall and lots of little rustic details. So, the boots fit in well. My poor GI is jealous that he doesn't get to wear his new boots, but I'll give a little and not cover the camo chairs. :)

I picked these up at for $50, which is an incredible price for boots. Better, yet... I got them quick! They came from the same state I'm in, which helped I'm sure. However, I placed my order on a Tuesday, I did not pay for expedited shipping, I got the slowest shipping method and my boots (both mine and those ordered for my daughter) were on my doorstep on Friday afternoon. If that isn't amazingly fast service I don't know what is!

I also figured out my hair. I'll be doing my own hair for the ceremony... gosh I hope I can beat the midwest August humidity (ahhhhh!)


Hopefully my hair will be longer in 7 months (eeek!) 

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