Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Music Checklist

The one "task" that I gave to the hubby is to come up with a playlist for the reception. When he was home he asked me how many songs I needed, and he was quite surprised when I told him to come up with 80... which I don't blame him for. After looking again, I think I may have been going crazy.

But, how do you figure out how much music you need?

The average song lasts for 3.5 minutes, so you need approximately 17 songs per hour. We are going to have about 3.5 hours to fill with music for food, pictures, and dancing. So, we should need at 60 songs. 

He has been working on the list, and I just send him an email that I want 60 instead. Hopefully he isn't done already. 

While he's working on the playlist, I still need to come up with the special music. So, I thought I would share my checklist since I had to come up with a list anyway. Hopefully this week I'll be able to come up with my songs and fill this in!

Wedding Music Checklist

Ceremony Music


Reception Music

First dance:                                                        
Father/Daughter dance:                                     
Mother and Son dance:                                         (?)                        
Cake Cutting:                                                     
Bouquet Toss:                                                                                              
Garter Toss:                                                       
Last Dance:                                                      


Megan said...

LOVE the checklist =]
Very helpful

Shell said...

awesome! Glad I was able to help!