Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Party Games!

What, what.. two blog posts in a week?! I must have the week off of school! ;) Don't worry, I'll be taking a class about Music Appreciation next week so let's just enjoy my little bit of spare time while we can!

Anyway, tomorrow I will be hosting my first classroom Halloween party! I am so excited and can't wait to have a fun afternoon with my kiddos. This week I worked on throwing together some fun games for them to enjoy.

First, I made some ghost bowling pins. (inspired by many ideas I saw on Pinterest!)

I started with five (clean) recycled water bottles. I used some river stones that I happened to have around the house to fill the bottoms of the bottles to give them some weight. Then, I hot glued the lids onto the bottles.

I planned to use bandannas to make ghosts, but Wal-Mart was all out, and I was working on this project at 8:30 when no where else was open, so I searched the store and settled on some cheap white pillowcases. These were $4.97 for two, which was cheaper than bandannas would have been anyway!

So, I cut one pillowcase into four equal pieces, and I used the little fabric bag to make the fifth ghost.

I laid out each piece of fabric, and used a wadded up Wal-Mart bag as the stuffing for the head. I just placed it in the middle of the fabric....

And then closed the fabric around it to make a head! (Do you remember the old kleenex ghosts we used to make in grade school? Yep, same thing.
I placed the ghost on top of the water bottle and used a rubber band to hold the heads in place.
Then, I used a sharpie to draw eyes on each ghost. Aren't they spooky?! We will be using a foam pumpkin to roll down the aisle and knock them down!
Next, another Pinterest inspiration... Pin the Eye On The Monster!

I drew this monster free hand on a piece of poster board (Don't laugh at my non-drawing skills!). Then, I cut out eyeballs so the kids can take turns pinning eyeballs on his face! And since it's a monster there is no wrong answer!
Here are the eyeballs! I just traced a glass to make the circles. The black circles were the bottom of the glass, the white circles were the rim. I used a glue stick to put them together.
Lastly, I made a Jack-O-Lantern toss (Another Pinterest win!)! Justin helped me angle an old cardboard box so it has a slight angle, but this would work with the box sitting normally on the ground too! We cut a smile out of the box with box cutters and then I used construction paper to make the face, stem, leaves and sign. I have bean bags in my room, so it will be fun to put those to use!
Lastly, I put together some goody bags for the kids. Each holds one small tub of play dough and a spider ring. Not much, but with as much candy as I'm sure they will get, I bet it will be enough! 
I will be dressed up as Anna from Frozen tomorrow, and after work we are going out trick or treating. It is bound to be a busy but really fun day! I'll check back in again soon, if I survive. :)

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