Saturday, July 6, 2013

No cost front yard facelift.

Happy Saturday! Thus is what we are working on this afternoon! (and by WE, I mean the Man Child.)
Apparently a previous homeowner decided it was an excellent idea to fill the flower bed with millions of white rocks. 

Like for real, millons of white rocks.  Above is the truck bed being filled with rocks. Pretty huh? My poor husband is hard at working shoveling it all up and grunting ("what are you going to grow in a bed full of rocks, cactus?!") and yes I am being super helpful by supervising, grocery list making and blogging.

Just kidding. After I typed that I threw on my boots and got to work. I helped toss bigger rocks into the truck, washed the shutters and gave the mailbox a quickie makeover. 

It's amazing what a little bit of hard work (and some spray paint) can do...

More to come! <3

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