Saturday, September 29, 2012

Girl Race Car Bedroom

First off, guess what is impossible to find on Pinterest? Girl Race Car Bedrooms..... and they aren't many race car room ideas anyway. So, this took a whole lot of planning on our part!
Here is Fish's room when it was on the MLS listing.

It amazes me that this is even the same room. Also, take a moment to notice the huge desk. This is already a pretty small room. Add a huge L Shaped desk and I almost felt bad for putting her in this bedroom.
You should have seen us move that thing. It was GLUED together. And I have zero upper arm strength so helping my hubby move the desk to our Office/Craft Room was like the
Anyway.... back to the bedroom!
Can you believe my little girl is telling me she wants to be a race car driver? When she decided she wanted a race car room my husband ran with it.
He found a template for a race car bed at for $15. Then, he spent two weeks putting it together.

Just another reason why I love that guy. :)

It's hard to believe that the pile of wood and hardware he started out with ended up as this....

Black comforter, pink sheets and pink curtains are from Walmart. I made the checkered curtain with fabric from Hobby Lobby.

The flags that are being held by the monkey were super easy to make. I cut up different bandannas that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and hot glued then onto wood dowels.

The stars on the wall were unfinished wood stars from Hobby Lobby.

I made the bow holder by painting a plaque and then adding ribbon and a race car... from Hobby Lobby...

Are you noticing a trend?

No, Hobby Lobby doesn't pay me to blog. And I don't work for them. I wish I could but my husband says I would spend my paycheck at work before I could even get it home. He's probably right.

I hate it when he's right.

While we are on the subject of Hobby Lobby they were having a 50% off sale on metal men's decor this week. The stop sign, Nascar sign the stoplight were a total of $15.00. Score!

Ohhh See that car on the race track?

Here are some more:

I attached velcro to the bottom of the cars and also to the painted on race track. I added hot glue to the velcro dots on the wall...

and I will just have to see if they are still on the wall tomorrow! They seem to be holding really well though.

Of course every good race needs to have a stadium full of fans!

We used 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 each shelves and attached them to the wall with brackets.

The wrestlers are quite rowdy though... so they had to sit on the other side. Can't have them mingling with the Barbies, babies and stuffed animals. That would get K-razy.

I mean, I was intimidated putting them on the shelf.

All in all I LOVE how the room turned out and so does Fish. Hopefully this will continue for at least 5 years!

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