Sunday, September 9, 2012

Easy peasy corkboard revamp

There is nothing like a quick craft project while watching Larry the Cable Guy to help you wrap up a Sunday night! I'm gearing up to start working on Rae's bedroom makeover next weekend. I've already gatheres her up quite a few wall hangings but every girl needs somewhere to hang up her randomness, right?
This weekend we went to many many garage sales and I picked up this super cute leopard fabric. Now we were planning a zebra and hot pink room but I think by adding a few accesories the leopard is going to work out quite well!
What you need:
A corkboard - I got mine from walmart for $4 on clearance
Fabric- amount depends on the size of the corkboard. I used probably half a yard.
Ribbon to match your fabric. I ended up using the entire roll.
Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
Lay your fabric on the floor under your corkboard and cut the edges just so they are a couple of inches bigger than the board on each side.
To attach the fabric to the back of the board I started with folding each corner in around the back of the board and gluing into place. Then I folded all the sides around to the back of the board and glues them into place. Be sure to pull tightly!
Next I used the black ribbon attached one side to the back of the board. I criss crossed each piece over the front of the board before hot gluing into place on the back. I did this several times until I liked how it looked basically, so just play around with it. I used quilting tacks to secure each X into place.
On the back I attached a loop of ribbon with hot glue to hang it on the wall.
The whole project took less than 30 minutes and i love the results!

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