Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wall Decor thanks to the dollar store!

I loooove me some Dollar Tree. Almost as much as Hobby Lobby in fact! I am always finding great things there on the cheap. If I have supplies to buy I ALWAYS check there first.

One weekend I hit the Dollar Tree looking for nothing in particular and ended up with an 11x14 wooden frame (just for a buck, are you serious!?) and a wooden plaque with a bird painted on it.

This is what they turned into:

First, I attacked the plaque. I simply decopagued a piece of scrapbook paper to it and added a fleur de lis from my Home Decor cricut cartridge. I cut it onto a piece of black posterboard and then sealed it all together with some modge podge! 

Dollar stores are such a great place to find wooden signs and plaques to reuse for crafts. You could spend $2 or more for an unfinished piece of wood at a craft store (depending on the size). So I always check out Dollar Tree for signs that I can repurpose!
Next was the frame. I started by painting the wood black... because I am very specific about all of my frames matching.

 I again used my Home Decor cartridge to cut out "forever" in black posterboard and laid it on top of some scrapbook paper. I used the paper that came inside the frame to make a "mat" and just put the scrapbook paper on top of it.

After sealing that into the frame I cut out the adorable heart on some black vinyl and attached it to the outside of the glass. Kind of a 3D effect I suppose?

Anyway, I love the way they both turned out. My walls are slowly filling up!

I told GI that once he gets home the house is going to filled with homemade stuff and I wasn't kidding. I think he's just happy that my supply shopping trips are less than $5 each!

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