Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trash to Treasure: Bathroom wall decor!

While most of my poor little apartment is filling up with fun wall decor, my bathroom has remained kind of naked. I spent a lot of time searching high and low for something to hang on the walls... but I still find it odd that I found my answer on the label of a shampoo bottle. Too much time spent laying in the bathtub? No such thing!

Anyway, once I had this grand idea it was definetely go time! The original plan was to pick up some pieces of unfinished wood at Hobby Lobby and paint them before adding the words. But I just could not justify spending that much money on something I was going to cover... so I had a great idea while walking around the store. Why not use something I already have?

My storage unit is full of boxes. I don't want to part with them because I know we will not be staying in this apartment forever (Please God Please let me be right!) so I found the box from my laptop and got to work. Each piece is probably 20 inches long and six inches wide. I cut them out with scissors (I really still need to buy a box knife by the way) and decopagued some adorable scrapbook paper I picked up during my Hobby Lobby trip. Once I was done, I cut out the words with my Cricut (of course!) and glued them into place before sealing each piece with Modge Podge. I used some leftover twine from my wreath project to connect them all with hot glue and to hang it on the wall.

I love the way it turned out! And it only cost me $1.77 (plus tax) for paper! Plus I got rid of yet another box taking up space in my storage.

How's that for reduce, reuse, recycle? :)

FIY: I linked this up onto the link party at Craft-o-Maniac... go check her out NOW! She's pretty amazing!

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