Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(kinda) DIY #3 and #4: Serving Set and Flower Girl Buckets!

Hobby Lobby had a fanstastic 50% off Bridal Blowout Sale last week, and they are continuing it this week too! But, don't worry if you miss out, just keep an eye on their ad's or use one of their 40% coupons for the things you need! 

I took full advantage of it and picked up a few things for real real cheap. Included in that was my cake serving set! $5! 

I used some more of my ribbons from my garters and made a pile of bows and had some run with my glue gun attaching them to the serving set and the buckets below. :) 

 The buckets were also picked up on my Hobby Lobby shopping trip! These are considered stationary, so look in the card area, mine were on a display in the middle of an aisle at my store.  $1.49 a piece. Oh yeah! :) They are just little metal buckets and I added some bows to the sides in Navy Blue and Hot Pink. Still using that garter ribbon I bought! 

 They will be just perfect for my little flower girls. 

I also went dress shopping last weekend with my maid of honor and the "paparazzi" as I called one of my other best friends. We were at David's Bridal for a grand total of 30 minutes. I tried on two dresses and fell in love with the second. My MOH did the same, we tried two and the second was perfect!  I'm not going to post pics of the dress I picked because I don't want to take a chance of my G.I. seeing it before then, but here's the one we found her:

In Navy Blue of course. :-D. It's still early so we didn't go with any intention of buying yet, just basically to see what we like and to figure out dress sizes. So, I'll be stalking ebay for quite a while to see if I can find some deals. (I just can't really justify $500 worth of dresses for the two of us.)

Ok, that's all for now! More DIY'ing coming along this weekend. Going to try to make my MOH and Flower Girl necklaces. 

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