Saturday, October 30, 2010

DIY #11~ Signature Mat Pens and vase

I'm going to use a signature mat in lieu of a guest book. I hate the idea of having a book that will just sit in a box or a drawer and never looked at again. 

I picked up a photo mat at Hobby Lobby during one of their sales for a little less than $2.00. (I'll get it all worked up and posted at some point in my life.)

I had to do something cute with the pens for the mat and this was a super easy craft!

I picked up some ink pens from Dollar General ($1 for 10), some floral tape at Hobby Lobby ($1.99) and used the left over flowers that I had from my card box.

I hot glued the pen to the flower just to hold it in place and wrapped the floral tape all around the pen and the flower stem. 

Easy as pie! 

Next, I thought... well I need to make a "vase" to put these in! I've been saving jars for the past couple of months, thinking I might have a use for them. Score! I used some more scrapbook paper and wrapped a jar with it. Then I hot glued some ribbon around the neck and TA-DA! 

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