Sunday, October 17, 2010

DIY #5- # 8! Bride Necklace, MOH Necklace, flower girl necklaces, flower for my hair

This weekends project was fairly easy and super duper cheap. Whoot whoot! First, I made 4 necklaces for $11. I bought a $9 package of glass pearls from Wal-Mart and a $2 roll of "fishing wire". I don't know what it's actually called, but it's the transparent beading wire. For my MOH necklace I used some glass pearls I already had. Strung them on the string and voila! Done in no time. (Like 10 minutes, but I like to bead in my spare time anyway.) I added an extender that I had laying around in my jewelry box so she can adjust the length, but I'm sure you can pick those up at craft stores too. 

The flower girl necklaces are pink and blue glass pearls from the package that I picked up. I figured why not? They match the wedding colors and it saved me from buying more pearls. I had the girls try them on tonight and they look great! The girls are soooo excited to get to wear them in the wedding. 

My necklace was a little harder. I used ALL of the white pearls that were in the wal-mart package, as well as a few (maybe 15?) small pearls I had in my craft box. I tied three strings to a jump hook on one end and just starting adding beads. The bottom string is about 7 inches long, the second is 6 inches long and the third is 5.5 inches long. For the bottom I used the largest beads, for the second I used large beads on the outsides (10 on each side) and then used the next size down, and on the third I used 1 large pearl, 7 medium sized on each side and then the tiny ones. I'm really happy with the end it turned out. It took me ALL day to make it the way I wanted it, but I'm pleased. I also added an extender to that one so I can adjust the length. 

When I went to David's Bridal and found THE PERFECT DRESS the lovely sales lady had me also put on a veil. I pushed back, I don't need a veil, I'm not wearing one... "But it's your wedding day and it's the only day you'll get to wear one and you'll feel like a bride and blah blah blah". So, I gave in. She brought me a really pretty simple, ribbon edged one layer veil and this pretty flower for my hair. She put them on me and I feel in love instantly. I knew I had to have them at that point. 

So, that night I came home and looked online... well the veil was $150 and the flower was $90! $90 #?*!ing dollars for a FLOWER. No way, no how, not gonna happen. 

Well, I hit up Hobby Lobby last week and picked up a simple veil for $9.99 (plus it was half off because of their sale so I spent $5!) It is ribbon edged, but two layers, So I sat down with my scissors and very carefully cut off the top layer. I love the simplicity of it now. 

Now for the flower, I had every intention to make a flower. I figured I would spend about $5 on it, no biggie right? 

Well, I was walking around Family Dollar Friday night picking up a few things and I saw these flower barrettes in the corner. Sure enough, they had a white one, it was huge and on a pony tail holder but it was also on clearance for 75 cents! So I brought that bad boy home, cut off the two bottom layers, hot glued it to an alligator hair clip and Ta- Da! My 75 cent hair flower. 

So far, I've spent a grand total of $165.75 on this wedding and I have my veil, hair flower, jewelry, flower girl baskets, card box, serving set, garters, aisle runner, photo mat, and cake topper... and my $100 deposit on my venue. Let's see what I can come up with next weekend shall we?


kt said...

OK...seriously? You're good. If I tried to alter that flower, it would end up looking ridonkulous, but yours looks so pretty! I think I need to hire you to help me with DIY projects...and be my personal D&R shopper so I get lots of bargains!

Shell said...

HAHA! Thanks KT! I'd be more than happy to help. Maybe when I move I'll end up closer to you! Hmmmm never know!