Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Felt tree and fireplace for dramatic play

If you have been following along lately, you already know that I have really worked on my dramatic play center this month. Here are the finishing pieces.

First, a tree!
I bought a package of green felt from Hobby Lobby and cut out a large triangle with it. I glued it to a poster board to make it a little more stable. I didn't get a picture after I added the trunk, but I just glued a brown rectangle to the bottom to finish the tree off. I cut out a felt star and several felt circles for the kids to decorate the tree with. They had a blast decorating their tree and making gingerbread cookies!
I also made a fireplace! I attached red felt to a poster board and drew lines to make it look like bricks. Next, I attached black felt to the middle to give it the fireplace effect. The flames weren't as easy. Turns out, I can't draw flames. At all.

So, I found this image via google.
I can't find a good source for this image, so if it's yours let me know!
Anyway, I printed it off and used it as a template to cut out flames in various sizes and colors. I just glued them into place.
Lastly, I added a "mantle" made with brown felt and cut out stockings for the kids to hang.
Also, the picture above was when the glue was wet. Once the fabric glue dried I couldn't see it anymore.
The kids are loving this set up! It will be hard to compete with for sure!

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