Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review: NASHVILLE SONGSMITHS - In-Depth Interviews with #1 Country Songwriters


Last night, I finished reading another great book by my semi-famous co-worker, Ty Hager. Nashville Songsmiths is a book full of interviews that Ty completed with some of the top country music songwriters.

As a HUGE country music fan, I loved this book. First, I thought it was incredible to read about how a few of my favorite songs were born, such as, "Suds in the Bucket", "The Dance" and "When I Get Where I'm Going."

Also, I really gained a deeper understanding and sense of respect for songwriters. They do not get the amount of credit they deserve, at all!

If you are a country music fan at all, I strongly encourage you to check out this book.

 Click here, purchase, read, enjoy, lather, rinse, repeat.

Or, if you are more of a mystery fan, check out Ty's other book "Diary of a Dead Guy- A Country Ghost Story".

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