Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Wedding Hair?

Last night my best friend and I went to a concert featuring a local band. While getting ready (and I was totally rushing) I had the urge to shrunch my hair. However, I had never tried it and decided that if I made my best friend late because I was having hair issues, well, I would just suck. So... I gave up for then, straightened my hair real quick and was ready two minutes before time to leave. Sigh.

However, today I thought I would give it a shot and I was so happy with the results! I started with damp hair and used a ton of moose to scrunch it up while hanging my head upside down. After I was done I carefully pulled some together on top to create a bump and held it in place with a little claw clip. I finished off with a bunch of hairspray (super windy day here). 

I think this is how my hair will end up for the wedding. My hair doesn't like to hold curls well from a curling iron and I have had many failed attempts in the past few months. This held all day in windy weather, in humidity and while I took a cat nap on the couch.

What do ya think? What is or was your wedding hair plan?

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Megan said...

Seems like a practical idea if it held up through all those conditions! I'm going with big, loose curls for my hair I think. It's outside though, so I might do half-up/half-down. Still not sure, but glad you found a great idea!