Monday, September 1, 2014

Creative Lunches for school age kids: Week 3

Happy Monday! Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy a nice long holiday weekend. We are gearing up around here to get ready for another busy week.

I have the week off of school (yay!), Rae is going to have her first school dance (eeek!), and Fish is going to start having real homework (uh-oh!).

Here are our meals from last week. I only had four pictures on my phone, so I believe we had a duplicate from one of the previous weeks.

 Day 1: Celery with peanut butter, carrots, and bagel pizza.

Day 2: Leftover pasta with chicken and marinara, carrots, grapes, and a cookie!

 Day 3: Tacos with refried beans and cheese, celery with peanut butter, fruit cocktail and a chocolate chip cookie.

Day 4: Ravioli, grapes and carrots with ranch for dipping.

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