Sunday, July 20, 2014

Crafty McCrafterson Weekend Recap

So, first off I think I should start off with a  bit of good news! Last week I was offered a job with a local child care center, and I happily accepted! So, I am gearing up to officially kick start my career in Early Childhood Development. I feel as though this is the last piece of the puzzle that I was needing to fall into place. I feel so much better already, and I haven't even started work yet. I'm excited to get started. :)
Over the course of this weekend I managed to catch up on a few craft projects that I have been trying to get to, but hadn't had the time.
First, off I finished my Home sign. I saw a similar sign on Pinterest and I fell in love. I knew I needed this sign to add to my living room remodel.

I started by painting a three foot by 1 foot board with some of my leftover aqua chalk paint.

Next, I printed off the word Home (minus the O), and a silhouette of Oklahoma. I taped the paper to the piece of wood and used an ink pen to trace over the letters, leaving an indention in the wood. Next, I used a fine paintbrush to paint inside the indention's.

I can't wait to see it up on my living room wall!
Secondly, I was cleaning out my pantry and found two old canvases that I have been hoarding away for a while. I painted one pink and one aqua to match the kids rooms. Next, I used my Cricut to cut out their monograms and some cute little designs onto some black vinyl. They look so cute on the girls bedroom walls.
Fish decided that she needed a wreath of her own, so when we went to Walmart today she got some supplies. We picked up a wreath form, flowers and a few little decorations for a total of $10 or so. When we got home she designed how she wanted to be, and I glue gunned everything in place according to her directions. Not bad for a 7 year old's first wreath!
She is quite proud of her handy work!
 Fish also painted a "treasure box" on Saturday. This was her attempt at zebra print and polka dots. She had a great time and now has a box to put her extra stuff in.
Along with the other projects I also made a cross necklace:
And I framed one of our vacation pictures:

Once I get this weekends projects on the wall I will be able to get a little closer to finishing up my living room collage wall. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Do you craft anything fun this weekend?

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