Sunday, June 15, 2014

Distressed monogram window

I have been dying to share this tutorial, so I'm glad I finally get the chance! I bought this old window from a classified page on Facebook.

Here's how I put it together.

First I cleaned off the wood, sanded it down and rubbed a candle on the parts of the window where I didn't want the paint to stick.
Important: Do not use a red candle! I had red marks all over the place. *sigh*
Next, I painted the window with white chalk paint. I should have taped off the glass, but I was feeling particularly lazy. Seriously, learn from me and tape off the glass.

Here is the window all painted up!
I just did one coat because the window soaked up pretty good. After it dried I used my sanding sponge and sanded all of the wood. This left a lot of distressed places on the wood. Love it.

After that, I ordered a vinyl monogram from this Etsy shop:

After I added the monogram, I hot glued fabric flowers to the corner.

I love how it looks above my aqua dresser in my dining room. So cute!

I've noticed so many more people sporting monograms these days. Are you getting into the Monogram craze too?

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