Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Recap Part 2: Getting ready!

I was soooo super happy to get to spend some time getting ready with all the girls. Especially in grandma's pink bedroom where there is no mirror (genius!)
I did the kids hair. Fish thought it would be a great time to jack with my phone. Thanks child.

Rae pretty much ditched us to watch Spongebob or something.

A totally rocked her dress, since she LOVES dresses.

S wasn't forced to wear a dress since she was busy enough being my officiant and my photographer. THANK YOU!

I did my hair. It only took three tries and almost some tears, but I got er done.

FYI: when getting dressed... make sure the blinds are closed. I remembered when I was about half naked.


The boots were a hit and beat the heck out of heels for a backyard wedding!

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