Sunday, May 23, 2010

You Might Be An Army Girlfriend If:

1. You never leave home, or even the room, without your phone. It's always with you whether you are eating, showering or sleeping, just in case it's him.

2. You always know the time in the country that he's stationed, or deployed to.

3. You see an American flag and you are suddenly overcome with pride.

4. Any song you hear about the military or just about missing the one you love makes you stop dead in your tracks and sing along with tears in your eyes.

5. You know the true meaning of hurry up and wait, and know not to get too excited about leave until your soldier is on his way home.

6. You know that your first hug and first kiss when he comes home is enough to make up for all the time spent apart.

7. You know how to do things on your own. You can take care of yourself for the time that he is gone, because it's what you have to do.

8. You see someone wearing camo and suddenly "hunter" isn't your first thought.

9. A ten minute phone call or an "I love you" text is all it takes to have you smiling for days.

10. You know that no matter how much it hurts when he leaves, it isn't easy for him either. But, this is his DUTY and you are HONORED to be able to kiss your soldier good-bye knowing that one day he'll come right back home to you.

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