Friday, May 28, 2010

I won't cry today...

I won't cry today, even if I have to wake up alone after dreaming of your arms holding me tight all night long.

I won't cry today, even when the radio plays songs about soldiers being away from home, and I wonder if they are trying to rip my heart.

I won't cry today, even when nothing goes right and I need the kind of hug that only you can give me.

I won't cry today, when I'm invited to a wedding and have to RSVP one, because my date is thousands miles away and can't make it.

I won't cry today, when I am setting the table for one less person, knowing that it's going to be this way for a long while.

I won't cry today, when I crawl into my side of the bed and try to fall asleep without a kiss good-night and hearing you say "I love you".

I won't cry today, because I'm being strong.. strong for you and strong for us. I won't cry because I know you are doing great things, that not every man is willing to do. I won't cry today because I know this won't last forever. I won't cry today because I know that the pain is worth the laughter, and the lonely nights are worth our future together. But, if I do cry today, I know that the tears are worth the pride I feel in my heart knowing that I am lucky enough to love a hero.

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