Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Creative lunches for school aged kids: Week 1

Last year, I felt as though lunch money was going to literally break me. It seemed like I was giving Rachel $20 every other week. (Disclaimer: I know that school lunches are healthy, and they are worth the money.) And then, when I asked Rachel what she had for lunch she would say things like: "cucumbers.... I didn't like anything else they had." Basically I was paying $40+ a month for her to eat nothing. This hurt my pocketbook's feelings real fast. At the same time, Fish was taking her lunch everyday and I knew:
A) She was getting things she liked
B) I wasn't spending a bazillion dollars on nothing. 

Fish did tend to take a lot of PB&J last year, so this year I am attempting to pack lunches that taste good, are healthy and won't get boring too quickly.  Each week I will post pictures and a description of the week before so hopefully it will help some of you out there!

Day 1: Pretzel sticks, pepperoni, cheese, carrots, grapes, peanut butter cookie.

Day 2: Pretzel sticks, chicken salad, strawberries (or fruit snacks) and grapes with a side of ranch. 

Day 3: Pepperoni and cheese roll up, carrots, fruit snacks, cottage cheese, peanut butter cookie and ranch.

Day 4: Peanut Butter and Jelly rolls (made to look like sushi, got the idea from here:, side salad, cheese, strawberries, peanut butter cookie. 

Last week was a short week because school started on Tuesday. Rae will be eating at school on Fridays, so that's why we only had one that day. :)

Also, the girls and I have decided to start baking one treat on the weekend so we will have a "dessert"
for our lunches. I am having so much fun coming up with these each day, and they are enjoying eating them too! :)

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