Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 Eureka Springs Mini-Vacation Recap

Yesterday morning we loaded the kids up and headed to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to make a mini-vacation together.

 We arrived in Eureka around 11:00, parked the car and took off walking to a Mexican Restaurant to grab some lunch. Once we finally got there, after about 15 minutes, we found that they didn't open until 12:00 so we turned around and walked back to downtown. As you can imagine, that was a blast with two hungry little girls. ;)

I thought "If this is any indication of how this trip is going to go.... "

But luckily we ended up at Amigos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina instead...and I am so glad we did! Our service was quick, all of the waitstaff was incredibly friendly and the food was incredibly amazing.

Felicia had a nacho kid meal, Rae ate a kids quesadilla, Justin had a lunch special and I had this bad boy:

A shrimp chimichanga. OMG. This thing was incredible... I think it would have only been complete with one of the delicious looking margaritas. However, since it was noon and it was a family day I'll have to check those out next time. ;) Here is their Facebook page:  If you visit Eureka Springs, this is a must visit location!

After we stuffed ourselves silly we make a quick trek through town to see the sights before jumping into the car and heading out to see the Christ of the Ozarks (Or as we affectionately call Him, Big Jesus). More information on the Christ of the Ozarks can be found here.

Next, we took the girls to check out the Thorncrown Chapel. The Throncrown Chapel is a gorgeous glass chapel outside of Eureka Springs. I was lucky enough to see one of my beautiful friends get married there a few years ago, and the wedding was breathtaking. The chapel is so gorgeous it gives me chills. Felicia informed me that she is going to get married there one day. ;)

After sight seeing we went back downtown to do some shopping for Eureka Springs t-shirts. The girls had to put theirs on immediately. I can't wait to wear mine!

Here are a few pics from our walk.

Once we were all shopped out we hopped back in the car and went to The Rowdy Beaver to get some dinner.  We started with some delicious fried pickles.

The girls got hot dog kids meals, which were HUGE!

Justin and I got a couple of amazing steaks. His was a burbon rib eye and it melted in my mouth. Seriously.

I got an 8 oz. Sirloin and it was one of the best steaks I've had in forever. My potato was more beautiful before I covered it in butter and sour cream, but believe me it was amazing.

Our waitress did a great job, and service was so quick! We will be back to visit the Rowdy Beaver again!

After dinner we went and drove around town before parking and walking around. I stumbled across the "Roundhouse", which is and always has been my favorite house in all of Eureka Springs. Check out the website here: I was so excited to be so close to it!  


We went and ventured around the Train Station. It is awesome and I got some great pictures.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and the girls loved it!

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